ColorCombinate Library

The ColorCombinate Library implements a GtkDialog, to help you to calculate color harmonies, apply variations to these harmonies to produce color schemes, and save them in a Palette file, for latter use.

This dialog can be used expanded as a color calculator or collapsed as a Palette view helper.


ColorCombinate and its libraries are only on english language right not.

The translation efforts - galician and spanish, at the moment - are being directed by the Mancomun project, with the help and support of the Open Source Projects division of CESGA.


ColorCombinate and its libraries are developed by me - Iago Rubio - and sponsored by my employer Abertal Networks S.L., who gaves me some of my work time to develop this project, as part of its Research and Development efforts.

This application is developed at SourceForge and Mancomun, both releases are always identical. The cvs server is located at SourceForge, and the official language on both forums and mailing list is English so it's the recommended place for information to English speakers. Spanish and Galician speakers should find easier to get help at Mancomun forums.

Downloads: Standalone application

ColorCombinate is an application to be used as test bed as well as stand-alone implementation for the ColorCombinate dialog widget.

As end-user you can pick both ColorCombinate and its libraries to be used right now SourceForge project's page.

You should look at the end user documentation and a primer on color theory available to understand how the application works.

Downloads: Development

There is limited documentation for development with the ColorCombinate library, some examples of C and python, and some animated gif screencasts of C (1,7MB) and python (1,4 MB) with the development of an standalone minimal application.

For development it's better to pick the full sources, but there're also some binaries to download if you'd like to play with ColorCombinate.

The development library is an static library to link with your application, and the python library is a pure C python module, so you just need to copy the dynamic library file (*.so or *.dll) to your Python installation site-packages directory.

You can download those packages from SourceForge or Mancomun if you're an Galician or Spanish speaker as information in the former site is in those languages.


Thanks to all supporting this project, specially to Abertal, Mancomun and SourceForge.


Colorcombinate is licensed under the GPL and its libraries under the LGPL.

Iago Rubio © 2006-2007